The 2021 Corgi Walk

Join Corgis Around the Country in Raising Money for the Corgi Assistance Fund

This year the Corgi Walk will be held on Saturday, August 20, 2022 from 10 am to noon in NW Portland near Wallace Park (97210). Further information on Walk and activities will be coming soon.

1. Start/Registration: NW 26th and Pettygrove
2. NW Pettygrove to NW Overton (1 block)
3. NW Overton to NW 23rd (3 blocks)
4. NW23rd and Overton to NW23rd and Everett (10 blocks)
NW 23rd is popular for its shops, cafes, and restaurants. On the corner of NW 23rd and Overton is a Starbucks where Corgis can indulge in a puppaccino before they walk in their matching scarves and dazzle patrons with their cuteness.

The Corgi Assistance Fund is the fundraising arm of the Corgi Walk in the Pearl and the Virtual Corgi Walk. The Fund is an Oregon Nonprofit Corporation. Corgi owners who have registered may access resources to help their Corgis with serious medical or behavioral issues. There are no financial requirements for applicants. Resources based on funds raised from the 2021 Walk will be available by application beginning in January 2022.

Fundraising Goal For 2021 Corgi Walk: $15,000

FAQs for the Corgi Walk

Where Will the Corgi Walk Take Place?
The Walk will take place anywhere that you choose to walk, hike, or run with your Corgi.  

When Will the Corgi Walk Take Place?
The Walk will take place Saturday, August 21, 2021.

Who May Participate in the Corgi Walk?
The Walk is open to all Corgis in the U.S. You may also walk in memory of a Corgi that has passed away.

We would love if you would promote the Walk with your Corgi friends and walk, run, or hike as a group and share your experience with us.  We want to showcase your participation in the Walk. Send the completed release form permitting us to include your photo(s) in the calendar, along with your check, to: With your permission, we will present them on this web page.

Please also share your photos and videos of the Walk using the hashtag #CorgiWalk2021 on any social platform you use.

What Does It Cost to Register for the Corgi Walk?
The cost to register for the Corgi Walk is $25. Your $25 registration fee includes a scarf and one photo of your Corgi(s) to appear in the 2022 calendar. If you wish to submit more than one photo of your Corgi(s) to appear in the calendar, the additional cost is $25 per photo.

What About Families, Friends, and Organizations Who/That Want to Support the Corgi Walk?
Families, friends, and organizations can make donations to the Virtual Walk by check or money order. They may send the check or money order directly to:

Lynde Paule
Corgi Walk
1231 NW 25 Avenue #4
Portland, OR 97210 

Please include your information so a thank you card can be sent to you!

How Do I Register for the Corgi Walk?
Register for the 2021 Corgi Walk can be made with a check or money order using this release form.

How May a Registrant in the Corgi Walk Apply for Resources from the Corgi Assistance Fund? 
The Corgi Assistance Fund web page describes what medical and behavioral issues will be eligible for reimbursement and how you may apply for resources from the Fund.

In January 2022, an announcement will be made on this web page stating the amount of money that was raised from the 2021 Walk and the amount available for medical and behavioral issues.  


Thank you for supporting the 2021 Corgi Walk

Lynde Paule, Organizer Virtual Corgi Walk,