Memorial Fund

Pat Kelley 1937-2013

Pat Kelly and King Tut 2013Pat Kelley was like a magnet. Everyone she met became a friend. You could walk into Ace Hardware or Starbucks or just walk in the Pearl neighborhood with your Corgi and people would ask if you knew Pat. She had that kind of presence. She was feisty and friendly with an outgoing personality that was matched by her enthusiasm for rescued Corgis.

Pat Kelley was the first sponsor of the Corgi Walk in the Pearl. She walked to the very first event from her condo in the Pearl accompanied by her Corgi King Tut, and within minutes was surrounded by many participants from the community who knew her. At this first walk Pat approached me with an envelope and said she wanted to support the walk. From that point on, she became an annual sponsor.

In addition to donating to the walk each year, Pat’s knowledge of community fund raising and her connections to people in the Pearl helped expand the walk to what it has become today. Her donations, as well as the donations of other sponsors, have provided the resources to support an event that now includes more than 300 Corgis from Oregon, Washington, and California.

Pat Kelly and King Tut pre 2004Pat’s love of Corgis began several decades ago with her first Corgi, Tank. Her second Corgi, King Tut, was a rescue from Eugene, Oregon. With Tut, Pat became an ardent believer in the power of Corgi Rescue and demonstrated how a new and loving home could change the life of a dog. Tut had been abused prior to coming to Pat through Corgi Rescue. She nurtured Tut and his love for her was obvious when you saw the two of them together. He stayed close to her and protected her when they walked together.

Pat moved to Hawaii in 2012 and Tut joined her in 2013. Tut passed away in May 2015.

In honor of Pat and her generous support of the Corgi Walk, particularly its emphasis on helping rescued Corgis, a memorial fund is being established in her name. At the end of each calendar year, 25% of the money that has been raised will be given to Corgi Rescue. The remaining amount will be placed in the Corgi Walk general fund to continue the walk each year. All donations will be greatly appreciated.

To donate to the Memorial Fund, please make your check to

Corgi Walk in the Pearl Memorial Fund

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