Dr. Lynn Shanks, North Portland Veterinarian

Lynn ShanksLynn Shanks is a general practitioner of veterinary medicine, with a special interest in surgery. She’s been at North Portland Veterinarian Hospital for a number of years, following her graduation from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1992 and an internship at Oradell Animal Hospital.

Being a veterinarian is more than nuts and bolts to Lynn—what she strives for is practicing great medicine with compassion, bettering the human-animal bond through education, and actively listening while communicating the needs and responses of owners and their pets alike.

Every year you’ll find Lynn in education seminars that enable her to stay up to date on the latest medical procedures benefiting the quality of life of those pet-patients she sees. For basic Corgi care, she recommends annual exams, vaccines, and the routine exercise that keeps them healthy.

After all, Corgis not only need exercise fun and games, they also need to keep thin in order to help with arthritis. In the summertime, particularly, Corgis should walk in the early morning and late evening, avoiding the heat of the day. Lynn adds that glucosamine can be helpful for Corgis with back issues, but keeping them fit and at a good weight is more important

Lynn’s own Corgi (of course!), named Darwin, is six years old and a great ball retriever (you’ll see him as Mr. November in the 2014 Corgi calendar).

To contact Lynn: vetcare@northportlandvet.com