2022 Corgi Walk Calendar

The 2022 Corgi Walk calendar will feature our community of Corgis who have showered us with their love and zest for life during the pandemic that has swept our country. The calendar celebrates the Corgis who helped us by making sure we took them on a lot of walks and runs several times each day, on hikes to areas they had never been before, and on excursions to new places for playing ball and Frisbee. Most of all, they have kept us sane when times were trying. This calendar is for them.

This year everyone who registers their Corgi in the Walk will receive a scarf and their Corgi will be featured in the 2022 calendar.  The photograph of your Corgi(s) will be cropped to fit on a page with the photos of other Corgis.

To have your Corgi(s) in the calendar, please complete the following:

  1. Submit your very favorite iPhone/smart phone photo in JPEG/JFIF format as an e-mail attachment to:

  2. You may submit more than one photo. Each additional photo will be $25.  
  3. Send the completed release form permitting us to include your photo in the calendar, along with the $25 fee in check form, to:

    Lynde Paule
    Corgi Walk in the Pearl
    1231 NW 25th Avenue #4
    Portland, OR 97210


You may also pre-order a 2022 Corgi Walk in the Pearl calendar at the time you pay for your Corgi(s) to appear in the calendar. The order for one or more calendars may be added to your photo fee on the release form. The calendar(s) then will be sent to you in November or December 2021. The price of the 2022 calendar is $20.00, which includes the cost of mailer and shipping. There are no discounts for multiple purchases. Please identify the number of calendars you will be buying.

You may use the release form to purchase the calendar at any other time during the year by sending a check for $20.00 to:

Lynde Paule
Corgi Walk in the Pearl
1231 NW 25th Avenue #4
Portland, OR 97210

In Stores

The 2022 calendar will be sold during November and December 2021 at six locations in Portland, OR:

Ace Hardware in the Pearl: 1621 NW Glisan Street (503-228-5135)
Green Dog Pet Supply: 4327 NE Fremont Street (503-528-1800)
Oblation Papers & Press: 516 NW 12th Avenue (503-223-1093)
Powell’s Books: 1005 W Burnside Street (503-228-4651)
The Filling Station Pet Supplies – Portland: 2001 NE Alberta Street (503-249-6571)
The Filling Station Pet Supplies – Tigard: 10115 SW Nimbus Avenue (503-352-4269)

The in-store price per calendar is $16.50.